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NameCountyCityIndustryRevenue (USD)HeadcountFounded YearDescription
KEY ROAD DEVELOPMENT LIMITEDKEY ROAD DEVELOPMENT LIMITEDHong KongCommercial and Institutional Building Construction1988He conducts public works such as road improvement work, park maintenance, and agricultural infrastructure maintenance. In addition, we undertake private construction, such as law countermeasure work and greening work. In addition, he also works on the restoration of the affected area in the event of a disaster.
VIET PHU TIN COMPANY LIMITEDVIET PHU TIN COMPANY LIMITEDVietnamUtilities< 1M<= 1002011The company manufactures and supplies wood chips for power generation. In addition, he is also involved in biodiesel fuel business. Part of the group includes companies that manufacture charcoal with refractory materials such as construction waste materials.
CHANH TAM COMPANY LIMITEDCHANH TAM COMPANY LIMITEDVietnamConstruction5M - 10M300 - 5002006Mainly engaged in civil engineering work, construction work, and demolition work. In addition, he is engaged in the restaurant business, and operates a school that teaches children from elementary school to adults, and a funeral business that sells alcoholic beverages.
QUAN HOANG SINH COMPANY LIMITEDQUAN HOANG SINH COMPANY LIMITEDVietnam33 - Primary Metal, Fabricated Metal Products, Machinery, Computer & Electronic Products, Electrical Equipment, Appliance, & Component, Transportation Equipment, Furniture & Related Products, Miscellaneous< 1M<= 1002012A company that engages in the wholesale of electrical materials and the design and construction of lighting fixtures. We are engaged in the sales business of automatic control equipment such as automatic control equipment, automatic air conditioning control equipment, and breaker-proof equipment. He also works on electrical work and telecommunication work. Quan Hoang Sinh - Distributor of genuine lighting equipment in Vietnam
VAN PHONG CONG CHUNG KIEM TANVAN PHONG CONG CHUNG KIEM TANVietnamConstruction< 1M<= 1002011Sewing and processing tents, sheets, and streamers. He also works on the operation of the dart bar “Colors”. In addition, it corresponds to mail order of steel furniture.
GLOBAL ENERGY (ASIA) PTE LTDGLOBAL ENERGY (ASIA) PTE LTDSingaporeUtilities10M - 100M500 - 7001992A company that supplies electricity by renewable energy. The company also plans and sells power generation projects using renewable energy, and the design and construction of power plants. He is also engaged in consulting on power generation.
BUILDING SYSTEMS LIMITEDBUILDING SYSTEMS LIMITEDHong KongEngineering Services1993Mainly engaged in contracted development of systems for companies such as information management and customer management. We also support the development of packaged software such as sales management and payroll management. In addition, we also undertake the operation and maintenance of the system.
CONG TY CO PHAN VIEN THONG DAI ANCONG TY CO PHAN VIEN THONG DAI ANVietnamLeather and Allied Product ManufacturingManufactures and sells shoes, and sewing processing. We also undertake interior construction.
MILE KING LIMITEDMILE KING LIMITEDHong KongLessors of Other Real Estate Property1997Mainly engaged in civil engineering and construction work such as installation of sewage pipes and road improvement work. In addition, the company also performs mail order sales and factory tours for houses and land.
HOI HO HAP VIET NAMHOI HO HAP VIET NAMVietnamSpecialty Trade ContractorsWe work on plastering work and exterior construction. Also, plastic processing is carried out.
DOANH NGHIEP TN PHUC NHUNGDOANH NGHIEP TN PHUC NHUNGVietnam32 - Paper, Printing & Related Support Activities, Petroleum & Coal Products, Chemical, Plastics & Rubber Products, Nonmetallic Mineral Products2003He is engaged in the production of chemical products such as magnesium chloride, sulfide, and carrageenan. We also undertake the processing of plastics such as polyethylene and polypropylene. In addition, he also handles wholesale of building materials such as tiles and bricks. In addition, public works such as the construction of prefectural housing are also being carried out.
DOANH NGHIEP TU NHAN PHUC HUYDOANH NGHIEP TU NHAN PHUC HUYVietnamLandscape Architectural Services2000They sell rice, sewing, and photograph. He also works on painting work, exterior construction, and landscaping work. In addition, we also support worker dispatch.
EVERY NATION CANBERRAEVERY NATION CANBERRAAustraliaReal EstateWe are engaged in the transportation business of general freight vehicles, logistics equipment and industrial goods. He also engages in the construction of houses and residential land, and brokerage services for the sale and rental of real estate such as apartments and condominiums. In addition, we also respond to temporary staffing related to logistics and forklift work.
GWANGDONG HD CO., LTD.GWANGDONG HD CO., LTD.South KoreaSpecialty Trade Contractors< 1MA company that mainly performs renovation work such as roof construction and exterior wall construction of buildings and condominiums. It also supports large-scale repairs such as corporate buildings and warehouses. In addition to waterproofing work, we also handle interior work and rain leak repair work. We have been constructing roofs and exterior walls for 30 years, starting with Kwangdong Machinery Co., Ltd. By detecting the risk of fire and inconvenience in the construction of the lower body frame at the site, HDPE square pipe (assembly type) was applied for and launched. ​ We have obtained a utility model (patent), obtained national certification, and completed test results. Our company wants to develop the safety of the construction site as a top priority, so I hope it will be of great help to your company.
EXCEL 2000 LIMITEDEXCEL 2000 LIMITEDHong KongProfessional, Scientific, and Technical Services1994He is engaged in the planning, development, and sales of computer software. In addition, he is involved in the design, construction and management of construction work, as well as new construction and renovation work. In addition, he deals with real estate buying and selling and renting.
CONSTRUCTION LEGAL SERVICES LIMITEDCONSTRUCTION LEGAL SERVICES LIMITEDNew ZealandNonresidential Building Construction5M - 10M300 - 5002006We work on formwork for public works and private companies, and construction management of civil engineering works.
SOUTH ASIA BATTERY COMPANYSOUTH ASIA BATTERY COMPANYSingaporeConstruction10M - 100M500 - 7001975A company that mainly handles and sells batteries, inspection equipment, and maintenance of storage batteries. We also develop and sell various power saving systems that can be powered by external power. We also undertake exterior wall construction and renovation work for general houses.
CENTRAL MEGA ASIACENTRAL MEGA ASIAIndonesiaCommercial and Institutional Building Construction< 1M<= 1002008He is engaged in the construction of houses and furniture, and the manufacture and sale of building materials. It also exports and imports building materials.
AN THÀNHAN THÀNHVietnamInformation2001A company that undertake the planning and production of web pages, application development, and system implementation support. In addition, we also develop a wide range of businesses, such as management consulting and food mail order. It also produces and processes foodstuffs.
IS HOUSING CO.,LTD.IS HOUSING CO.,LTD.South KoreaLessors of Other Real Estate Property< 1MWe are building and renovating new houses. He also sells and leases real estate such as land and buildings.