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NameCountyCityIndustryRevenue (USD)HeadcountFounded YearDescription
MIX ARTISTS INCORPORATEDMIX ARTISTS INCORPORATEDAustraliaEducational ServicesHe is planning and producing record source and music recordings. He also works on the production of artists such as trainers, DJs, and recording engineers. In addition, it also operates music labels such as lyricists and composers, and dispatching musicians to television and radio stations.
GAME WARRIORGAME WARRIORAustralia5M - 10M300 - 500Engaged in the development and sale of software for home game consoles. In addition to sales of toys and miscellaneous goods, he also undertakes translation and interpretation services.
EURO FAIR LIMITEDEURO FAIR LIMITEDAustraliaNondepository Credit IntermediationOperates the theme park “Rosemary Museum” and cultural facilities such as museums. He also organizes events such as exhibitions, stages, and concerts, and sells goods by mail order on its website.
E.N FISCHER & W.E FISCHERE.N FISCHER & W.E FISCHERAustraliaEducational Support ServicesEngages in the design, manufacture, and sales of industrial machinery, such as automobiles and home appliances. It also provides information and consultations for manufacturing and processing. In addition to selling books and video software, we also undertake mail order by e-mail and fax.
SOLUTIONS WITH FOOD PTY LTDSOLUTIONS WITH FOOD PTY LTDAustraliaProfessional, Scientific, and Technical ServicesA company that engages in the wholesale of food materials and the development and sale of processed foods. In addition, we are engaged in business such as food consulting to food manufacturers, processing and sales of health foods for the general public, and manufacturing and sales of confectionery.
GLOBAL AFFILIATES PTY LTDGLOBAL AFFILIATES PTY LTDAustraliaProfessional, Scientific, and Technical ServicesA company that conducts consulting and human resource development services for companies and individuals. As a group business, we also undertake consulting services such as sales agency and human resource development. In addition, he also manages the “Sales Promotion Department”, a website that aggregates information on customer requests.
GRIND & PRESSGRIND & PRESSAustralia10M - 100M500 - 700We offer co-op and cafe services that make use of the taste of home-roasted coffee. We also provide catering services for parties and events. In addition, he also sells coffee beans.
PRO-SALES DIRECT LIMITEDPRO-SALES DIRECT LIMITEDAustraliaOther TelecommunicationsA company that sells books and tobacco, as well as household goods using the Internet.
VIABLE ALTERNATIVES AUSTRALIA PTY LTDVIABLE ALTERNATIVES AUSTRALIA PTY LTDAustraliaEnvironmental Consulting ServicesA company that conducts business development, environmental conservation, and real estate development using its own group companies. He also engages in real estate leasing, real estate management, and consulting for companies.
ABRAHAM FAMILY TRUSTABRAHAM FAMILY TRUSTAustraliaOther TelecommunicationsA company that provides financial services such as real estate secured loans for corporations and individuals. It also provides credit card payment services for companies and sole proprietors. In addition, we handle mail order sales by our own website.
MINDS AT WORKMINDS AT WORKAustraliaOther Services (except Public Administration)Conduct human resource development such as leadership training and new employee training. He also engages in consulting services related to human resources and labor. In addition, we will also prepare a consultation desk for personnel and labor management.
MEMORY TECHMEMORY TECHAustralia5M - 10M300 - 500The company sells accessories related to smartphones and tablets, such as battery cases, car audio, and earphones. We also handle installation parts for meters in stores, and manufactue materials for tombstones and public works.
SOUTH EAST DRAGONSSOUTH EAST DRAGONSAustraliaTelecommunicationsHe is involved in the planning and production of graphic design, web design, and advertising. In addition to writing and editing articles, he also conducts seminars and lectures for companies and individuals.
STRENGTHENING COMMUNITIES INC.STRENGTHENING COMMUNITIES INC.AustraliaSocial AssistanceA company that conducts research, development, and support projects for the purpose of developing people and promoting employment. In addition to training projects for young people and leaders, they also hold seminars and events for those who are interested in employment.
THE BIG SKY FAMILY TRUSTTHE BIG SKY FAMILY TRUSTAustraliaNondepository Credit IntermediationHe is involved in the sale of stele and tombstones. It also manages the cemetery “Stone Museum” and sells stone materials. In addition, we also undertake mail order of goods such as stone.
BUILDING MANAGEMENTBUILDING MANAGEMENTAustraliaReal Estate Property Managers< 1MA company that manages buildings and condominiums. In addition to administrative work, we also support maintenance of facilities such as firefighting equipment and water supply and drainage. We are also developing building repair services.
DEVELOPMENT FOR ISOLATED PEOPLES LIMITEDDEVELOPMENT FOR ISOLATED PEOPLES LIMITEDAustraliaSocial AssistanceImplement employment support projects for people with disabilities, such as training knowledge and ability improvement of employment and employment management. In addition, he engages in real estate business such as land development and management consulting for companies. It also manages business alliances with group companies.
CAPABLE COMMUNITIESCAPABLE COMMUNITIESAustraliaIndividual and Family ServicesWe operate a child welfare facility for children with disabilities that provide after-school day services. He also manages nursery schools for children with disabilities. As Indigenous people we understand that our kids are brought up by everyone in the community. Whether we are mothers, fathers, uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents and anyone else trusted and associated with the community. Our youth need to be provided with the care and guidance needed to grow up confident, happy and proud. At Capable Communities we are fighters for our kids because they have a whole new load of challenges before them in the 21st century. There are two things that turn kids lives around that is education and opportunity. At Capable Communities these are the two key focuses that forms the foundation of what Capable Communities stand for. If we can support and encourage our youth the whole community benefits. That is why we have called ourselves Capable Communities to benefit not just individuals but empower the community as a whole to stand behind our kids and build a better future for them.
THE MID CENTURIONTHE MID CENTURIONAustralia10M - 100M500 - 700It is a company that operates “doggy”, which sells household goods such as bags and watches. He also manages the general store “Deko-ya”.
DISCOVERY CHURCHDISCOVERY CHURCHAustraliaReal Estate, Rental, Leasing1M - 5MWe sell building stone and land, and also handle mail order sales. In addition, the company also manufactures and sells stone sculptures.